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Two-thirds of parents make no legal provision for kids

  • Posted

Research from Direct Line Life Insurance shows that 65% of parents have made no legal provision for who would raise their children if they were no longer able to. It was also found that of those who had discussed the matter, 31% wouldn't give the person...

New 'death tax' will cost some estates up to £6k

  • Posted

The Government is pushing ahead with plans to raise probate fees by up to 3,770. The proposals will see estates worth £2m or more pay £6,000 in probate fees, up from £155 currently. However, the increase is a reduction on the original...

Will Aid Turns 30

  • Posted

Will Aid is back again this November, and this year they are turning 30! They started in 1988 and have so far raised over £20 million for a group of amazing charities by encouraging more than 300,000 people to make their Wills. Who are Will...

Tax change will add to divorce misery

  • Posted

New rules dictating how long couples have to sell a property after separation will bring added stress to families. A capital gains tax change proposed in the budget is set to increase strife among divorcing couples at a time when the government is...

Britons left £2.85bn to charity in wills last year

  • Posted

Britons left a record £2.85bn to charity via gifts in wills last year. Health and cancer charities were the biggest beneficiaries with Cancer Research UK, Macmillan Cancer Support and the British Heart Foundation in the top five. The data, secured from...

Certainty steps taken ensured step-children inherited

  • Posted

The following case study outlines just how important it is to use a Certainty Will Search. Thousands of solicitors now make no assumptions or prejudgment surrounding the existence of a Will or which is the last Will. They simply include Certainty Will Search...

Aristocrat challenges 'divorce tourism' verdict

  • Posted

An aristocrat is to appeal to the Supreme Court after losing a legal battle to stop his former spouse claiming monthly maintenance payments in the English courts following their divorce in Scotland. Charles Villiers, 55, said the decision would result in...

July News

  • Posted

Here are some of July's recent stories regarding the law, including HS2, Divorce and Lasting Powers of Attorney. All links to original articles are linked. The Supreme Court is to rule next week on whether Graham Mills, a surveyor, will have to...

High Court to rule on validity of Islamic wedding ceremony

  • Posted

The High Court is to rule on whether the marriage of an estranged couple is valid under English law after they took part in an Islamic wedding ceremony. The 'husband', Mr Khan, says they are married "under Sharia law only" and Mrs...

Care Home Boss Jailed

  • Posted

Care Home owner David Barton has been jailed following him trying to defraud residents of Barton Park Nursing Home out of £4.1 million by persuading them to make him a beneficiary in their Will and isolated them from their families. He targeted...

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