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Hundreds prosecuted for abusing power of attorney

  • Posted

More than 2,000 cases of abuse of power of attorney are investigated each year by the public guardian for England and Wales, the Times reports. Alan Eccles, the public guardian, said that about half of those cases trigger some action and the...

The rise of accidental inheritances

  • Posted

The Telegraph reports that so-called accidental inheritances are on the rise because people forget to check who benefits from their pension when they die. As they are mostly written into trust, pensions aren’t covered by wills and so forgetting to...

Free Wills Month

  • Posted

March Free Wills Month is back! Every March we take part in the Free Wills Month campaign. They support a large selection of charities from British Heart Foundation to Guide Dogs, with many more in between. You have to be 55 or over...

Six in ten leave nothing in their wills

  • Posted

Six out of ten Britons have less than £5,000 when they die - and most of that is likely to be needed to pay for a funeral, according to researchers at the London School of Economics. The study found the share of those who leave significant wealth when...

Free Wills with Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice

  • Posted

In February we are teaming up with Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice again with their Free Will Month. As previously, in exchange for a donation for £95 for single Wills or £150 for mirror Wills we will write your basic Will free of charge....

First-time buyers overtake home movers

  • Posted

First-time buyers are now dominating Britain's housing market, as the level of current homeowners moving house fell the most in seven years, according to Lloyds Bank. It found that the number of home movers fell by 4% last year from 2017, while the...

Earls rebel daughter loses £1.3m Will fight

  • Posted

The daughter of an earl who "hated" her family's aristocratic lifestyle has lost her claim for "reasonable provision" from her father's estate. Lady Tara Wellesley did not see her father, the seventh Earl Cowley, for 26 years...

Ashgate Hospice Free Wills Month

  • Posted

With Ashgate Hospice being a local charity, we are very enthusiastic about supporting them whether it is through their 'Care for a Cuppa' morning or their Free Wills Month. Throughout the year they are using various firms to support their Free Wills...

Public not keen on robots writing Wills

  • Posted

A report by law firm VWV has found that 73% of people would not trust a robot to draft their will, and almost a third said they wanted no AI involvement at all. Angharad Lynn, a senior associate at VWV, said: “Individuals are understandably...

Santa visits Staveley!

  • Posted

It is that time of year when all the girls and boys are on their best behaviour. You never know when Santa may drop in to check on you... Santa and his Head Elf, Chloe Twinkletoes, visited our office to ensure we were compliant with GDPR (which of course...

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