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Delays affecting stopped probate applications continue to worsen

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elays are continuing to worsen across the board for stopped probate applications, new data from HM Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS) has revealed. The average wait across all probate applications increased to 9.4 weeks in November 2022, up from 9.3...

Free Will month (March 2022)

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We are thrilled to announce that we have been informed that our 2022 efforts in supporting the March FREE Will month raised over £680k in future income for the participating charities....

Going forward into 2023

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BUCHANAN & CO SOLICITORS LTD has been rated as “STRONG” in the UK Conveyancing Solicitors industry. source: The Plimsoll analysis  ...

What is a Section 26 Notice of the Landlord & Tenant Act 1954?

Alex Gibbons
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The Landlord & Tenant Act 1954 (the Act) protects the interests of tenants by giving them the statutory right to stay in their property for a period of time, even if their tenancy has come to an end. If a tenant wishes to leave before the end of their...

Supporting Cancer Research UK

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A hysterectomy, or womb removal, is a standard treatment for women with cervical cancer, but some women may have long-term side effects. In Sheffield, Professor John Tidy is leading a trial comparing two different types of surgery to treat women with...

Changes to Stamp Duty Land Tax

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Changes to Stamp Duty Land Tax The announcement last week of the Stamp Duty Land Tax cut saw a marketed increase in traffic on our website calculator within just a few hours of the announcement!   We noticed a slowing down on...

Her Majesty the Queen - RIP

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Like many people in the UK and around the world we are reflecting on Her Majesty The Queen’s passing and what she meant to us as individuals. In passing, one of our team mentioned that some years ago she had the privilege of attending a Buckingham...

Unforeseen Office Closures

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We have been experiencing unrealistic temperatures in our offices and on occasions needed to close our doors early for the sake of staff safety. We apologise if this has caused any inconvenience to our clients but are sure you all understand the difficulties...

New Divorce rules

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On 6 April 2022, there was a significant change in divorce law for England and Wales. It's the first change for 50 years. The changes mean that instead of needing to prove the other party is at fault,  there is now no requirement to assign...

New Conveyancing APP

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The service will allow you to obtain an estimate of costs, engage our services and even track the progress of your ( and your agent) matter all from our APP on your smart ph one/ ipad, laptop or computer....... its fantastic. Go to...

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