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Do you need a Divorce Solicitor?

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If you want to get divorced from your spouse, provided the divorce is not going to be contested by your spouse, whatever the grounds are for your divorce, we charge £450 including VAT to act for you from start to finish.

In addition to our fees, there is a court fee of £550 that has to be paid, but you may not have to pay all or indeed any of this court fee, depending on your financial situation. We will assess you at the first meeting and let you know how much you will have to pay. So, the most you will have to pay for your divorce is £1000 but you may only have to pay as little as £450, it all depends on the amount of your savings and income.

We can also advise and assist you in respect of resolving financial matters after the divorce, but this is charged separately as not everybody requires help in this area.

Our highly regarded Family Solicitor Julia Gibbons looks forward to guiding you through this most difficult time and making your journey as stress free as possible. You can email Julia at or ring our main office on 01246 471900 to make an appointment.