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France claims jurisdiction in Hallyday inheritance dispute

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The late French singer and actor Johnny Hallyday spent much of his time in Los Angeles and frequently argued with French authorities over his claims to be exempt from French taxes as an expatriate, the Telegraph reports.

Hallyday's will, drafted in English in California, cut out his son and daughter, leaving everything to his wife. However, in France it is illegal for parents to disinherit their children and a court has now agreed with Hallyday’s children that Instagram posts provide enough evidence that the singer’s true home was France. His widow will appeal.

The ruling means the French state also gets a slice of the estate. The star told French reporters in 2014, the year when he obtained his green card and made his will: “I’ll come back to live in France if the tax laws are changed.” France had a 75% supertax on annual earnings above €1m at the time.

The Daily Telegraph via The Letter of the Law