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Landmark victory for divorcees...

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Landmark victory for divorcées over lying ex-husbands
Two women who say they were misled by their ex-husbands and should get more money in their divorce settlements have won their Supreme Court fight. Alison Sharland, who accepted £10m in her divorce, and Varsha Gohil, who got £270,000, say the men hid the extent of their wealth when the deals were made. The Supreme Court justices ruled unanimously in favour of the women, who will now go back to the courts for a fresh hearing of their divorce claims. Lawyers said the judgment could open the floodgates for many divorced women to seek to renegotiate their settlements. Ros Bever, a solicitor with Irwin Mitchell who acted for the women, said: “This judgment sends out the clear message that dishonesty will not be tolerated. Both women found themselves in an unfair situation where they were duped into accepting a smaller settlement than they may have been entitled to.” James Brown, a partner with JMW Solicitors, which is acting on Mr Sharland’s behalf, said: “We believe that this decision marks a fundamental change in the law. On a personal level Mr Sharland is bitterly disappointed that his family will continue to be locked in litigation for the foreseeable future.” Richard Collins, a partner at Charles Russell Speechlys, said: "Non-disclosers should be looking over their shoulder for many years to come."