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November Will Aid

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Will Aid is back!

Once again Will Aid is here in November supporting nine leading UK charities including: ActionAid, Age UK, British Redcross, Christian Aid, NCPCC, Save the Children, SCIAF, Sightsavers and Trocaire. Carry on reading to learn how Will Aid works, and the shocking statistics Will Aid has produced.

Many of us have thought 'I will make a Will one day, but I don't need one yet' - this is the kind of thinking that can cause a lot of stress for families should the unforeseen happen.This year, Will Aid has shed the light on the amount of parents with children under 18 who do not have Wills - which happens to be a staggering 54% of them. Failing to have a Will with no guardians appointed for your children can mean it is down to the courts to decide who will have parental responsibility for them.

There are many reasons why people may not have a Will. Around two thirds of people in Will Aid's survey said it was because they hadn't got around to it or they didn't want to think about death, which are common reasons. The cost element is also a big part of it, especially for young families which is why Will Aid is a great option for them, as discussed with our Paralegal Alex Gibbons, with Sheffield Live. A suggested donation of £95 (singles) or £150 (doubles) in exchange for a basic free Will is very cost effective, and it allows great charities to benefit.

We still have several spaces available for November across both offices, with free parking at both. If you require more information  please contact us on 01246 471 900, alternatively, visit