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The Case of the Torn up Will

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"The Contentious Trusts and Probate Department at Meridian Private Client advise clients on the options available to them when a loved one passes away and they have been apparently disinherited or a family member is acting suspiciously to the client’s detriment.

The below case study outlines how and why solicitors dealing with contentious probate find Certainty Will Search an essential part of their processes.

Bill and Janet lived together for 20 years. They had both been married before and Janet had a son, Phillip, from a previous relationship. Janet was diagnosed with a terminal illness in January 2017 and sadly passed away on 25 February 2018. Bill was recovering from a hip operation in hospital at the time of Janet’s death.

Janet had made a Will in 2010 and requested the original Will to be sent to her so that she could store it together with important papers in her bureau. She had told Bill that she had made a Will and informed him where it was stored; she also told her closest friends where the Will was and what she wanted to happen after she died."
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