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Wills with Support Dogs

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A lot of us think of dogs as a friendly and loyal companion who will always be by your side. We take them on walks, train them and it is always nice just have an extra member of the family you know will always be there when you come home. Dogs can be so much more, as we found out earlier this year, which is why we are holding a free Wills month in aid of Support Dogs.

For a donation to Support Dogs of £95 for single Wills and £150 for mirror Wills we will write a basic Will free for you. This includes your details, your chosen Executors and Trustees, your chosen Beneficiaries, guardian clauses for minors, any bequests to Support Dogs (and any other charities) and your choice of dispatch. Anything more complex will be quoted for during your appointment.

We ask that your Will is registered with Certainty (a national Will register) for a one off charge of £36 for single Wills and £48 for double Wills. This is to ensure your Will can always be located. We will store your Will free of charge, for life.

For a breakdown of legal terms click here.

Why Support Dogs?

We have chosen Support Dogs for this campaign after hearing about the tremendous support they provide to people with Autism, Epilepsy and Disabilities.

  • Autism Assistance Dogs provide life changing support for both people with Autism, and their families. They promote positive behaviour changes and provide comfort, which will then reduce stress for the family members. To read further about Autism Assistance Dogs, click here.
  • Disability Assistance Dogs help provide independence to people with a wide range of physical disabilities and Support Dogs' aim is to improve their quality of life overall. They can do things from picking up objects, opening and closing door and even loading the washing machine! To read further about Disability Assistance Dogs, click here.
  • Seizure Alert Dogs can provide a warning up to 50 minutes prior to an oncoming seizure, which we think is extremely impressive! It can allow a person to lead a more independent life, by reducing their fear. To read further on Seizure Alert Dogs, click here.

We had the pleasure of meeting one of these incredible dogs, Casper, along with his trainer. Highly intelligent and gentle, we know Casper will provide somebody with a tremendous amount of support. If you would like to arrange an appointment, or to know a little bit more, call us on 01246 471 900 or alternatively email us at