We are proud to be associated with the following charities and run regular Free Will campaigns throughout the year. We have further details on our blog - click here to view!

Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice is a charity which touched the heart's of all our staff at Buchanan & Co. We have attended their Birthday Bashes, took part in their free Will month campaigns and raffled off their delicious chocolate explosions.  

Ashgate Hospice is a local charity which we have now supported for a couple of years. Alongside the free Will months we have held a 'Coffee n Cakes' morning (much to the delight of both staff and customers!)

Here is a previous member of Ashgate's staff presenting Alex with our certificate for our a free Will month which we held in May 2018.

Support Dogs was a new charity to us in 2017/18 and we held our first free Wills month also in May 2018.

We were blown away by the intelligence of the dogs - although some credit must obviously go to the trainers - and how they can transform lives. Alex and Kerrie had the honour of meeting Caspar, a Support Dog in training.


Being very local to our Staveley office we have always been eager to support the Chesterfield Canal Trust. We have had stalls at their yearly festival and held free Will Months for several years now.





In 2020 we are also going to be supporting another new charity - Paces. Keep an eye on our blog for information!

We are also proud to sponsor the 'Elephant Pump' which has brought much needed water to a village in Manicaland, a north eastern province in Zimbawbwe with the help of Aquaid.