Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice

​We were introduced to Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice around 2014. The charity has made a special impact on the hearts of all our staff and we full appreciate the work that goes into fundraising and maintaining a lovely place.


May 2016 - We raised over £1600 in donations and almost £1m in bequests....thank you to all who supported us.

In May 2016, our practice is took part in Make a Will Month to support Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice and our Paralegal Alex, recently had the opportunity to visit for the first time. Below are his thoughts from his visit.

"Even though I have lived in the area for nearly 30 years and have been involved in charitable fund raising activities in that time for many local charities, including Bluebell Wood, I have never taken the time out to see for myself where the money was going to, or for what it was going to be used. On approaching the Hospice down a long driveway, flanked by green fields and neatly kept hedgerows, the building slowly came into sight. Oh and what a building! The closer I got the more children and family friendly facilities came into view. Playgrounds, seating areas, water features and outdoor living facilities…I thought it was a hotel."

"I was shown round by Julie Booth the BBW’s Trust, Legacy and In Memory Fundraiser. The tour took me through a very impressive infrastructure with a music therapy room, a private cinema, a fully functional restaurant and various other facilities to provide children suffering from the many conditions, and for some who are terminally ill, a comfortable, welcoming and happy setting. I was further impressed with the scope of facilities on offer for the end of life patients. They have suites of rooms so the whole family can stay in what is as close to a home look environment, with self contained kitchens, lounges with TV’s and bedrooms for the family to stay over in. The children can have their pals in to have sleep overs, cinema sessions with popcorn and refreshments to try and keep as normal a life as possible for what could be the last period of their little lives."

"If it wasn’t enough for a rhino skinned individual like me to endure, the gardens are designed to be user friendly to all levels of the individual mobility and capabilities of all the patients. The piece de resistance was the Creek Bed, designed by Alan Titchmarsh, a secluded place where children whose lives have been cruelly cut short, are remembered. Each child has their name etched onto a rock/stone and the family place it in the creek bed in their memory. There are then facilities in the creek bed area for the family to return to pay their respects as and when they like, and maybe have a picnic or BBQ to celebrate their loved one’s lost life. Well that was it for me…I was hooked and I pledged to do what I can to raise money for the hospice."

They need more than £4 million Pounds a year to run effectively as all the services are completely FREE to the patients and their families. They receive less than 10% funding from the Government, whereas adult cancer Hospices get around 40%.

We all give at the door to the many worthy charities, but you can do a little more by leaving a bequest to the Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice in your Will.

A few hundred pounds left by many people in their Wills, soon mounts up, so we ask you not only to make the donation of £95 for a single Will or £150 for double Wills at the time of preparation but also have a kind heart in your Will for when you pass. All the donation goes to Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice.

If you are thinking of leaving a bequest, I would urge you to contact Julie Booth on 01909 508119 or email julie.booth@bluebellwood.organd she will be more than happy to show you around their lovely facility. I promise, it’s not a sad place, they are wonderfully friendly people there.