Paces, a charity who are a leading specialist centre for children with Cerebral Palsy and other motor disorders.

They started up in the 1990's and their main focus is to help people of any age with a condition of a neurological origin that affects their physical and learning ability. Not only that, they also can provide support to their families and carers and they can cover South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and Derbyshire (but they have big plans to build more centres to support people across the UK!). They are a charity, specialist centre and school and they say "here at Paces we believe that every child living with neurological conditions such as Cerebral Palsy has the right to reach their true potential, we are passionate about ability, not disability".

They teach skills which we may take for granted such as walking, talking, sitting, standing and eating and have special needs curriculum for children aged 3 to 18. They also provide adult services for people with MS, Parkinson's and have suffered strokes and focus on re-learning these skills that they may have lost.

We are very excited to be supporting Paces this year and their campaign for another learning centre through a Free Will Month, their fundraising days and more. Keep your eyes open on our website and social media to see how you can join us in supporting them. 

Click here to head to Paces' website and read more about their location, the work they do and who makes it all happen.

Two pupils' at Paces, Tobias & Lennie, are embarking on their own fundraising venture for both Paces and Sheffield Children's Hospital. Their efforts are inspiring and simply fantastic. To read more and how you can donate, please click here!