Conveyancing Solicitors in Chesterfield and Sheffield

Buying a home is always an exciting prospect, but without the help of a Solicitor it can also be a legal minefield.

The Process

People often feel that Conveyancers get paid for doing very little. But in fact the Conveyancing process can be complicated and is very important.

The Conveyancing process is designed to make certain that:

  • The seller actually owns the property they say they own.
  • The buyer and seller are who they say they are.
  • The seller is free to sell the property - there are no other financial or legal claims on the property.
  • There are no actions being undertaken by the local authority, local water utilities etc., that could affect the value of the property.
  • If it is a Leasehold property - that the Freeholder and Management Companies are properly involved in the transaction.
  • The exchange of money is handled properly and safely.
  • That any mortgages are correctly dealt with.
  • The property does get properly transferred and registered.


When to engage us

Ideally you should contact us as soon as you find a property you like. The head of our conveyancing department, Judi Walker, has 25 years experience in all areas of buying and selling properties, 'you're safe in our hands'.

Being Conveyancing Quality Scheme accredited (CQS) gives you the reassurance that we hold the Law Society's Conveyancing Quality standard.

Click here for an online quote, or if you prefer for us to do one for you, contact our office on 01246 471 900. We are open 9 until 5, Monday to Friday.