Solar Panels

Be aware of the pros and the cons of installing solar panels on your home 

It is coming around to the first batch of property sales which have embraced the energy saving facility of solar panels.

Our aim here is not to persuade nor dissuade you in considering installing them but to be aware of the potential problems some installers have caused in not having the lease checked by a Specialist Property Lawyer.

Our experience has been with a leading installer who had not only drafted the lease in a format which was not acceptable to the majority of lenders but had also not registered the lease with the Land Registry nor got the correct accreditation certificates and Building Regulation approval for some 1200 properties.

We have also experienced a property which the installer would not amend the lease afterwards thus making the property, in effect unsaleable, to anyone other than a cash buyer.

This is a new phenomenon and as such we are all learning from the ‘cowboy’ installers who don’t apply the regulations correctly and leave the property owner to try and sort out the problems months or years later.

Our watch word is, make sure you get your installation contract and lease checked by a specialist lawyer before signing it, it could save you heartache in the future.

Give us a call to get a price to check your lease agreement over……a few pounds spent now could save you a lot of money in the long term.

It is worth a visit to the ​WHICH web site to get their take on the concept and has valuable information on the pitfalls.


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