Divorce and Children Solicitors in Chesterfield and Sheffield

This is often an area of concern as it's the children who often feel the effects of a marriage breakup more than the parents. Handling the matter of the children is often a contentious issue but we always recommend that you put the best interest of the children first.

It is a fact that the Courts put the rights of the children first over that of the parents.

Parental Responsibility

A married couple share the parental responsibility of the children and therfore are entitled to certain things, for example, where the children are living, going to school etc.

The primary carer for the children must also recognise the rights of the other parent in the relationship and their rights to regularly see the children. If this can't be agreed amicably then the Courts will over residence and contact issues.

If the couple are not married and there are children involved in the relationship then parental responsibility generally lays with the mother. The details of rights is one that our Solicitor would confirm with all the details on the matter.

If there are step parents involved in the lives of the children then they have few rights but again best advice should be sought from our Solicitors.

Change of name

If you want to change your own and your children's names following the breakdown of your relationship, then we can advise you on the process and the costs involved.


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