Fixed Fee Divorce Solicitors in Chesterfield and Sheffield

Getting a divorce does not necessarily mean it will break the bank. If your situation is such that both parties are agreeing to part ways with few issues (an uncontested divorce), then you should qualify for the following package.

Price to Issue

To start divorce proceedings (called the Petitioner) it will cost you £425 + vat + disbursements (Court Fees).

Price to Defend

To reply to a divorce petitioner (called the Respondent) then it will cost you £150 + vat.

Financial Matters

When sorting out the money and property side of a divorce, the more you can both agree will keep the cost down. It is difficult to put an accurate price on this until the case is assessed by our lawyer. read more in our Financial Solicitors page.

We Can Help

At a time when your life is at a difficult stage, we at Buchanan & Co can help to minimise the pain in cost of getting a divorce.


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