Why make a Will?

A lot of people avoid the subject of will making. WHY? "It is tempting fate" or "the kids are going to get everything anyway!" are just some of responses we have heard.

The answer to why to make a will is simple, it leaves no doubt as to your wishes.

If you die without making a Will, the Government decides who inherits your estate - NOT YOU!

How do I make a Will?

There are a few ways to do it:

Option 1: Cheap and cheerful method - buy an 'off the peg' Will at your stationers, fill it out yourself and hope that you address all possible eventualities. Only recommend this if you have some legal training.

Option 2: Unregulated Will writers - these firms are often seen in supermarkets and shopping malls and on the web,selling their service. They tend to make home visits, have the Will created from a central office and can be expensive. Be aware, they tend to have a 'sliding scale' of charges, dependant on the quality of your house and contents. Cautionary tale, don't lose or misplace the copy of your Will as you a reliant on your memory as to who did the job for you. See what the Law Society has to Say.

also see the Will Writing Fraud Jailed article.

Option 3: Solicitors - qualified professionals who are trained to look at all aspects of your wishes, and to give qualified advice on protecting your estate. Cost, more than Option 1, but tends to be less than Option 2.

Our Wills start from only £125+vat for a single Will, then if you require a Trust, Guardianship clause or Special Instruction in your Will there is a small additional charge for these elements;This is the same way you would buy a car, you pay for the basic model and then add the extras if you want them.

On this basis, those folk who only need a simple Will are not paying the same price as someone with a complicated Will. It a much fairer way of doing business.

Will Storage

All of our Wills are stored in our fire proof safe for free, if registered with Certainty

Certainty is a national Wills register is not only used by law firms but the public, Government agencies, charities and more. It is proven to reduce the risk of distributing an estate during probate on an assumed intestacy basis or when a Will or later Will may exist. To read more, click on their logo below.

Our Wills start at £125+VAT each. At your appointment, you will be provided a quote which will remain fixed once you confirm your instructions. As some Wills are more complex than others the cost may be greater than £125+VAT.

* the £125.00 Will package is for clients visiting either of our offices and does not include home or place of work visits.


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