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Will Aid Turns 30

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Will Aid is back again this November, and this year they are turning 30! They started in 1988 and have so far raised over £20 million for a group of amazing charities by encouraging more than 300,000 people to make their Wills.

Who are Will Aid?

Will Aid are an organisation who work with top charities in the UK and around the world to raise money for them. These charities include NCPCC, Age UK and more - the full list is on their website.

What is November Will Aid?

Every November Solicitor firms across the UK take part in the Free Will campaign ran by Will Aid. In exchange for a voluntary donation of £95 for single Wills and £150 for mirror Wills, your solicitor will write a basic Will free for you. Depending on the complexity of your Will there may be extra charges which we will advise of during your appointment.

Estate Planning

As you are coming to make your Will we will also make any recommendations which are relevant to you on how to protect and manage your estate. For example, Lasting Powers of Attorney is something you may wish to consider, but if you would just like your Will preparing that is no issue. As a gesture from our firm this extra advice is free of charge.

Spaces are taken up fast for both of our offices therefore please call to book your appointment to ensure you get a slot.

For more information about Will Aid, please visit their website -

Should you attend our office for an appointment but decide against instructing us to prepare your Will, there will be a charge of £100+vat for the advice. Should you then return to instruct us this will charge will be taken off any quote given.