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Fixed Fee Seperation Solicitors in Chesterfield ad Sheffield

At Buchanan & Co we offer a fixed fee separation agreement for only £450 + vat.

Couples can often decide to separate but not immediately feel the necessity to go for a divorce.

To avoid unnecessary disputes over children and financial issues some couples find that having a formal arrangement in place avoids misunderstanding or misinterpretations in the future.

Who qualifies from this type of arrangement?

Married couples, civil partners and cohabitation couples who are splitting up.

The Fixed  fee applies where…

  • The parties agree on the financial terms of the separation
  • The arrangements for residence and contact matters of the children are agreed
  • The financial circumstances are not complex

What binds this arrangement?

Once all the relevant matters are agreed then a Deed of Separation is produced. The Deed records all the terms of the arrangement of the parties involved and clearly defines the individuals rights and responsibilities.An agreement of this kind is NOT a Court Order. It is a mutually agreed arrangement which is formally written which both parties are morally bound to keep to; failure to do so does not carry any legal penalty.

However, the agreement is helpful in obtaining a quicker agreement should a divorce follow the separation. Should the separation agreement work well and last two years or more it could then be used as the basis of a Consent Order in the divorce partition.

Terms of the fixed fee offer

  • Full and frank financial disclosure.
  • Full agreement from both parties at the outset of taking instructions.
  • Excludes any cost relating to transferring title or property, court action for divorce or any disbursements.

I have used Buchanan & Co to finalise my divorce, they are very helpful & professional. I must make a special mention about Julia Gibbons, who has provided me with expert help & has always been on hand to answer any questions I had. I can't recommend Buchanans enough!

Tom P